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Hello and welcome to Synergy-Clan's website! Hosting battlefield 3 game servers since 2015.


Hello and welcome to Synergy-Clan's website! Hosting battlefield 3 game servers since 2015.

[SYNERGY] #3 Metro 24/7 - No Rules -

Operation Métro • Conquest Large,  2000 Tickets,  High Ram server!


Fast XP Flag run server! Lvl 100 Col Fast! Auto admin ON !rank !top10 & more! 


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  1. Vysixo

    Ban appeal

    You're banned for 2 weeks for Ramming and abusing language https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z763-M7u5Rs Thread closed, Appeal Denied.
  2. Approved! Welcome to the synergy admin team 🎉 Change your clan tag to [SYN] Message me to receive admin introduction and rights.
  3. Vysixo

    Bad Admin

    Been told by an admin that you was abusing !votenuke and !assist a lot, that's why you're switched back...
  4. Vysixo

    Bad Admin

    Hello, Admins will move you back to losing team if you're trying to !assist to the winning team but not sure why they would switch you back to winning side if you're trying to help out losing... Would be great if you knew the admin's name. I will let all admins know, thanks for the report.
  5. It's !switchme, we run 2 plugins that have !moveme and one with !switchme. VIP is !Switchme
  6. Vysixo

    ban appeal

    Stats are fine, Un-Banned.
  7. Vysixo

    Ban Appeal

    Un-Banned. Type !rules once you're back in-game.
  8. Un-Banned If you were able to get a video or screenshot of the player name that would be helpful and we would be able to ban that player for breaking the rules.
  9. Approved! Welcome to Synergy admin team! Change your clan tag to [SYN]
  10. Vysixo

    Ban Appeal

    Wait for response from @Jigsaw1403
  11. Vysixo


    You Stream a lot of your game time and uploads full rounds to YouTube after watching most of them In my eyes you're legit. https://youtu.be/Wnf1UO9Q-8g At the start of this video, I can see you have recoil with AN94. At 4:14, when you killed two with M16, has recoil, 6-7 hit markers and you see bullets from behind you so assisted kill. This video's only 8 mins long so not really useful anyway but you have a lot of streamed videos on twitch some at 4 hours 30 minutes... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZzrJ5N54YvA-vmISZ1tPSQ?view_as=subscriber https://www.twitch.tv/skreamevo/videos?filter=all&sort=time Your initial ban was for 6.35 KPM with M16A3 so if you still have the same the server will automatically ban you again. Un-Banned. Thread locked.
  12. Vysixo

    Ban Appeal

    As you already have a ban active on your main account this account will stay banned until decided.
  13. Vysixo

    Ban Appeal

    Stats look fine, https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/fUGlTlVE https://www.team-des-fra.fr/CoM/bf3.php?p=fUGlTlVE 3.1% on Cheat-O-Meter Probably due to: LSAT 26m 35s Kpm 3.8 Why do you have 2686 SPM on BF4? https://bf4db.com/players/search?name=fUGlTlVE @Jigsaw1403 ?
  14. Un-Banned. Got the format in the end ? Please make sure you're more careful when driving. Type !rules once you're back in-game. Thread locked.