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Hello from Kingpin-13

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Gamer name : II-Kingpin-13

I started in 1998 with Online gaming, and the first one was Delta Force from Novalogic,  ( Delta Force - Delta Force 2 -  DF land Warrior - DF Task Force Dagger  - DF Black Hawk Down )  and all the EXP pack they made  ? 

I was in a Clan called =SFG=  ( Special Forces Group ) We was playing "DF Black Hawk Down" in Teamwarfare league (TWL) , for about 5 years where we was in the top 50 in EU,  we had our own Server for Practice games and the Fights we had in TWL , I was admin there for 3 years  ? after 2005 we lost the spirit and we didn't play in TWL after that.

After 2005 we was playing "Americas Army" from 1 - 2 - 3 ( 2005 - 2010 ) 

After 2010 I was playing  "Battlefield Bad Company 2"  / BF3 and BF4 up to 2016 on our own server  ---  then it was time for me to stop all that "full-time gaming"    ?   

Squads I have been a member of: 

Delta Team Denmark   [DTDK]

Special Forces Group   =SFG=

The Brotherhood Europe  =TBE=

The Unforgivable  =TU=

Danish Viking Force   =DVF=

well that was all from me ? 



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