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Account : SkReAmEvo   http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/SkReAmEvo/      ALT Acc: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/en/user/iLoveMyACC/

Banned by : Propably Jigsaw

Banned for : Stated reason: KPM Automatic Ban [5-M16A3-6,35-441-91-2094] [perm][AutoAdmin].

Server: BF3 Metro No Rules

Time: propably Perm


SO: As i already told in discord i made a new account about a week ago played with it.(Stats after 4 hours of playtime [https://imgur.com/a/06Bv8Y0]).  In ordder to play again i lowered the kpm to where it is now and i was fine, i was playing even on the Syn metro Server. At some Point jigsaw and the another admin joined . Killed Jigsaw got banned like 30 secs after.Luckily i knew what was coming so i recordet it even though its laggy. Also im Streaming BF3 here and there uploading stuff to yt. And dont tell me its an automatic ban by AutoAdmin.. autoadmin bans for overall KPM and there is no way ill get it from 3.4 to 6.3 with almost 20k kills in 1 round and if my kpm were to high anywhere i would  be banned while joining and not 5 mins into the round 




the video i was talkin about. u can almost skip till 6:20. The quallity should be up to 1080p in some minutes and i know its laggy but thats jsut shadowplay at its best 



Greetins SkReAm

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You Stream a lot of your game time and uploads full rounds to YouTube after watching most of them In my eyes you're legit.

At the start of this video, I can see you have recoil with AN94. At 4:14, when you killed two with M16, has recoil, 6-7 hit markers and you see bullets from behind you so assisted kill.

This video's only 8 mins long so not really useful anyway but you have a lot of streamed videos on twitch some at 4 hours 30 minutes... 


Your initial ban was for 6.35 KPM with M16A3 so if you still have the same the server will automatically ban you again.




Thread locked.

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