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admin application #99999

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In-Game name: 

Game Server:
All Synergy Servers, bro!


Admin Experience:
1.) I used to be admin on 666 Clan server on BF3. You can ask their former head admins.

2.) I had my own server on BF4.

Extra Information: 

Why should I be an admin, you may ask,


I'm an honest man. However, I'd lie if I said I never lie. What makes me different is the amount of lies I usually tell. I believe I don't lie as much as the next person.

I used to own a server in BF4, so I know how Procon works - more or less. Also, I've been playing Battlefield since the very first game.

My English isn't perfect but it's probably better than average, so communication wouldn't be an issue at all. 

I'm from Ile St. Pierre (Saint Pierre & Miquelon) but I currently live in Hungary/Budapest.  (EU)

And I'm very active.


My discord is: Kamarovszki#5506


I think I'd be suitable for this position and frankly, I really hope you guys feel the same way. I can take rejection too, if that's the case!

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41 minutes ago, 2_AER_903 said:

1.) True, I was also admin there and I know him as Mudwappa and TheBrokenMachina.

Those are my older names, yeah.

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Not that it would be my biz but you weren't an admin on 666 otherwise I had remembered you and also on your shared footage I saw that you kinda provoked an automatic kick/ban for the player AndreiR04 since you didn't try to avoid the crash but just flew straight into his vehicle to have a "reason" to write afterward towards him "you crashed me...". I don't know if that is a behavior an admin applicant should have/show.

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